You Kissed them away

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You Kissed them away

I’ve always got along

With guys best anybody

That knows me can

Tell you that. As

Far as dating wise I’ve

Always thought all

Guys were after just

After one thing I’m a lady

So I won’t dare say what

The one thing is.

As you know I’ve

Had something done

To me in my past by

The one man I always

Thought I could trust

And love for along I couldn’t

Help but think all guys were

Going to touch me in a wrong

Way in the end but.

Whatever you kiss me I hear

This voice that says it’s okay

You’re safe let go of your

Pain anger nobody will

Ever touch you in a

Wrong way again. I hear

A voice that  says let go

Just let me love you.

Feel the passion in my

Touch kisses and hugs

Let me give you all you ever

Dreamed. We both

Deserve that we’ve

Waited long enough

To come across the one

That fits up like a glove

So let’s just enjoy our

Happiness with one

Another let’s relax

And enjoy every minute

Together. If it all

Ends tomorrow and

We’re just friends

And no longer lovers.

We’ll always have that special love

For each other.

At we’ll have our friendship

And love for each other in the


Ps I hope our love and

Happiness for each other

Never ends

I hope it’ll last forever

And we’ll live happily ever

After together

Dec 7th 2007

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