Talking to you behind bars

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Talking to you behind bars

Hey bro it’s me the bitch of a sis

I hope you’re doing ok I hope

You’re safe and you have

A good cell mate.

The Wednesday

Before you went

To jail I had called

To make sure everything

Was going alright for you.

And to tell you the news

That I now have a man

A great man that knows

About my Cp me having

Seizures and everything

It doesn’t bother him

He treats me like a

Queen. He brought me

Necklace and roses when

He met me! Everyday I talk

To him I wonder am I living

A dream he says he wonders the

Same thing about me. Mom likes him

a lot which is a double bonus

You know I always that if we

Could find us somebody that

Loved us as we love each other

We’d be okay I’m sure I’ve found

That person and you’ve found

That person in Jen! I thought

We had put up with a lot of

Shit from the teachers

And people saying our friendship

Wouldn’t never last hell they

Still say that. But no how much

They say it I’ll always love you,

Be here for you I’ll never leave

Your side I love you’ll forever

Be my brother! This

Is not the life I pictured

For you it makes me

So angry that to good

People like you bust their

Ass everyday to make the

Best possible for those they


NEED YOU!!! I know in my heart

One day we’ll have our special day

And life with the we love! And

We’ll be like haha bitches we

Might not be rich but at least

We have love! My best online

Friend eddie said hey

And so does my man brian

They can’t wait to meet you

And jen I talk about you a lot


I think we you get home

I’ll  hug squeeze you to pieces

Nov 29th 2007,

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