Broken soul

Broken soul

I’m used

To uncle hub

And his son

Making rude


About my weight

They have been

Making those

Comments since

I was like 12.

But for my uncle

To say I’m not even try

To loose weight I thought

That was very rude and

Disrespectful of him.

Which I’m not really not

Trying to loose weight

I eat what I want just

Just a little bit at a time

When he makes remarks

About my weight I can’t help

But think if you truly love and

Care about somebody

You don’t degrade them

You lift them up always.

When he said those harsh

Words to me it’s like he

Broke apart of my soul. I

Use to think so much of my

Uncle now he changed all that

With 5 little words.

Oct 5th 2007

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