My thoughts about the whole jena 6 story

I think the black guys

Of jena 6 beat up the

White boy to become apart

Of history or to try and become

Famous in some way shape or

Form. I think it’s sad that anybody

Would judge anybody for their race.

Race is just a color and god made the

Rainbow of many colors the bible

Speaks of loving one another not

Judging each other. There’s men & women

Of every color fighting for our country’s freedom

Everyday. Don’t judge show love

We could be in danger at one point

In our life and somebody of

Another race could save your life

Would you say no I’d rather die because

You have a different skin color then I?

I just think judging others is SO WRONG

Especially by race. We need to untify not fight!!!!!!!!!

Oct 2nd 2007.

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