That connection


That connection

We meet a lot

People in our

Lifetime but hardly

Does anybody meet

Somebody they click in every

Way with. Hardly ever does a

Lady find a guy these days

That’s not just out to get laid.

But I have to say my 2 new friends

Eddie and Jamie are so respectable guys

I feel truly honored they ask me to be their

Friend! Just talking to them gives me hope

they’re some Good guys left in this world besides my best friends! I hope me being Eddie’s friend will have an great impact On his life. I hope I can make Jamie realize he deserves better woman then he has now. I just hate to know a good man is being used like a toy, and not wanted and Appreciated the way every person in this world in this should feel whether it be a friend or life partner make sure you show everybody you know you’ll always care for them! Eddie & Jamie that’s why I wrote you guys This poem to honor our friendship

You’ve both touched my heart in the few weeks I’ve known you guys. No matter what happens in my life from now on I’ll Always remember you both and  you’ll both always Have a special place with me!

Sept 21st 2007

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