What’s the deal with people these days?

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What’s the deal with people these days?

I was on my way

To check my mail

This afternoon. I seen

The headline on MSNNBC

As I was about to go into hotmail.

A girl is London was band from

Her school because she was wearing

A preity promise ring

As a symbol of religion

And faith the school board

Kicks her out of school

Because she wouldn’t take

Her ring off. She went to court

About it and lost. I think the whole

Issue is stupid why should others make

A big deal about a ring she chooses to wear?

I think what she wears should be her business

And nobody else. There’s a lot of things I

Can others making a fuss about besides a girl’s ring.

Like the war going on people getting killed every

Second of everyday for no good reason

The crime rate, the divorce rate in the

Country today there’s too much hate and

Not enough love in this world today.

Jul 18th 2007

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