The dark you

mom's poems

The dark you

I love you more

Then I love this world

But these past days

Have made me want

To just go far far away

Where nobody could ever

Find me. It seems every time

I’ve  opened  my mouth you say

Get away from me. You

Think I get mad at you for

Napping but it doesn’t bother

Me one bit in my mind I’m

Just hoping you’ll be the

Mother I know and love ’

When you wake up

But instead the dark

Has loved showing it’s

Face to me these past

Few days. You think I

Don’t want you to have

Anything which is  

Anything but true. I

Love you and I wish I could

Forever take your aches and pains

Away I know you can’t

Help it and you don’t

Mean to act this way

You only do it because

Of your anxiety but

Please kill the dark you

And let the mom I know

Love in.

the dark makes

Me cry and say your not my

Mother only because I know

The dark isn’t my mother

So please let my loving

Mom back in through

The door in your mind

Sept 30th 2008

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