I must say

I must say

Hey Steve I hope

These words I’m

Writing find you safe!

I must say you leaving

Was much harder then I

Thought it was going to be.

It wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t

Grew up together in a way.

I remember when you first

Moved here I hated to see you

Coming through the door I laugh when

I think back about it all now. I

Like the we “hated” each other so much

At one point their wasn’t anymore room

For “hate” that  we had no choice to

Turn our hate for each other into love or maybe you realized i was just cool as hell and you didn’t have

Much of a choice but to like me and

Be nice to me. Or maybe you just wanted

To be as cool as me. Mom and uncle hub

Don’t won’t me to talk to you all that much I don’t

Think they’re afraid I might say something sweet

Enough to make you cry. So I won’t be e-mailing

You all that much when I do it’ll be our secret.

But I will admit I did look forward to the third weekend

Of every month I knew that’s when you, Ashley, and kylie unusually came home! so I will miss looking

Forward to that feeling of excitement! I pray

For you everyday and I ask Ashley about you everyday!

As I said maybe when everybody in the family has had a chance to chat with you on cam

And everything maybe I’ll

Get brave enough to talk

To you on the mic but I WON’T

Ever get on cam so you can see

My pretty ugly face!


Jul 13th 2007

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