The holes made in my heart!

mom's poems

The holes made in my heart!

If only people see

The holes inside my

Soul some probably think

I have it an easy somebody is

Always there to things I can’t

Do for myself. As I see my mom

In pain I always feel partly to

Blame for all her pain.

It makes me feel so bad

I keep maybe if I hadn’t

Came along my mom

Wouldn’t be in the shape she’s in today.

But playing what if has never solved

Anything and it sure won’t take away her pain

I feel so helpless as I see

Her pain progress another

Hole is made in my soul

The more she hurts the

Deeper they get it’s not

Easy to see the woman that will

Forever have your heart

In pain and know that

You don’t have the power

To take all of suffering

Away the holes in my

Get bigger and bleed till

My soul feels as if it’s

Turning black I know I just have to believe

God will make everything okay for us

May 24 2009

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