Pulling me back

Pulling me back

As we talk

More and more

Night after night.

And we become

Apart of each other

Lives and hearts. I

Say to myself god I

Know you think we

Could never date

And we should’ve wiped

The idea of the of us dating

Each other from our memories.

I tried with all my heart to do what

I thought was best for him and hope

That you would send him somebody

To help take care of him

And forget about me.  Every time

I tried something keeps pulling us back to

One another.  I’m thinking us being together

Seems impossible but maybe this

Is how it’s suppose to be life is hard

Anyway whether we’re disabled

Or not and maybe god is trying to

Both of us just because we’re

Disabled doesn’t mean we

Don’t deserve to find love too.

Maybe he’s telling when you find love

You hold on to it whether we’re both disabled

Or not.

Nov 22nd 2008

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