To my dear uncle

To my dear uncle

happy 53rd birthday I know your  birthday Is becoming a day You wish you could  Forever erase from the

Human brain so you wouldn’t Never have to think About the fact that you’re Getting older with every day

And year that passes you’re Bones are more Brittle

Then they use to be. They might not be Able to with stand  The daily beatings Your muscles use To take like a handshake Back in your younger days! But look at it this way at Least god has allowed you To be with the ones you love For 53 years and we hope you’re Here with us for 150 years more. You have a lot of family and friends That care enough about you to say Happy birthday, bake you a cake To express how much we love you! Some people are all alone on their Birthday so the next time you try to Forget your birthday Stop and think at least I’m not alone and I get to Celebrate my birthday with People that have nothing but love And respect in their hearts for me!

Feb 26th 2007,

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