Here’s my answer

Here’s my answer

Amanda ask me

Was I scared? Well

Here’s my answer

Hell no! she’s very

Lucky I can’t walk

If I could last night

I would’ve went to her

House and kicked her

Ass to prove that I’m not

Scared of her. If I was see

Her out in public somewhere

I still might hit her. She can say

Whatever about me as they say

Words can’t hurt. She’s all talk anyway

A drunk and a drug addict.

I will tell her this I will

Never let her or anybody

Else sit and talk about

My bro  

Like he’s trash and

Good for nothing

Bro is a damn good

Man one of the few we

Have in this world

Today. So let her talk

Her big game I’ll still

Be there at the end of this

Hell holding his hand

Feb 1st 2007

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