We have the twin bond!

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We have the twin bond!

After our little war with

Amanda last night. I’ve

Decided that I think we

Have the twin bond as

If we were twins! I really

Do believe people like

Her say whatever is the

Most hurtful things they

Can think of at that point

In time. All those things she

Said about me didn’t bother me.

The only reason I believe she

Said all those hurtful things to us

Is so she wouldn’t feel as guilty

About how badly she had treated the

Whole you’ve been together.

I promise I’ll never lie to you I’ll

Always be honest with you.

Don’t worry I paid her back big

Time for the remark she’s made

About us wanting to marry each

Other! I was crying tears of

Happiness for the way

You stood up to her in my defense!

I was speechless and moved

By the way you always stand

Up for me against everybody!

I promise on my life I’ll always

Be there for you to hold your hand

When you need a shoulder to lean on

Until the end of time. I’ll never turn my back

On you just as I’ve

Said many times

Before and I intend

To keep my promise

To always be there

For you when you need me

From now until my dying


Feb 1st 2007,

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