LA gang wars

LA gang wars

Gangs are something

You don’t hear much talk

About when you live in a

Town like me. You like

To think they’re not real in a

Way. But you know they are

And they still exist in

A big way in the big cities.

I watched a special

Tonight all about the big name

Gangs in LA from the 70’s it was very

Sad in way. To watch those men

Talk about how they thought being in a gang

Was the right life to live how

They thought it was their only

Way to survive in life.

They considered it

To be a 9 to 5 job

Doing a drive by

Was as easy as

Eating a piece of pie

. Hustling drugs

Was an easy way to make

Money it was the

Answer to everything or so it

Seemed when it turned out

Just to be a real bad nightmare.

They soon learned it’s better

To earn a living for the things

You want in life and that you’re

Mostly likely  

To live a lot

Longer if you

Work for something

Instead of hustling

July 17th 2008

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