What will it take?

What will it take?

What will it take

To get this never

Ending cycle of pain

to Go away? I can

Hardly lay down

And sleep anymore

I’m so use to staying up

Night after night.

Fighting off the seizures

While I’m on my cycle

I’m afraid to dose off

And dream because I’ve got to

Where I have the seizures in

My sleep and that’s not fun

For me it’s like my worse nightmare

Has come true! I know this is wrong

Of me but I was praying for god to take

Me on to the other side!  I didn’t think I had

Much of a fight left in me but somehow

God took me hand and helped me through

The storm I love you lord without your help today

There would be no more Lory I would’ve just been

An ever lasting memory!

Sept 21st 2006,

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