Why want they let me be?

my dairies

Why want they let me be?

Why want they

Let me be me

Is the big question

For me? If they only

took the time

To see what life

Is like through

My life. I know

They would let

Me be, do

What I wanted

To do. and be who

I wanted to be

Without the lectures

From family. They

Wouldn’t try to break my

Spirits down with the

Discouraging and

Hurtful comments

They often make.

If they really offered

To see the bigger

Picture before

Me. With a

Condition such as

CP. They would understand

With this condition you

Try your best to seem

Like everybody else around

You. You try your best to sit

Up and be

Neat and clean With your food.

They would


That after

Sitting up

All day long.


You get tired

And you want to

Lean over while

You eat. Yes it’s

True it might not look

Good and you know it might

Seem as if you’re laying in your

Plate so to speak. But even though you’re

A little bit tired you’re still trying

To be neat and clean and not

Spill anything. Why can’t my uncle hub

See that’s all I’m trying to do?

And most of all just let me be

Aug 29th 2006,

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