The realization

my dairies

The realization

I was  sad other day

When I tried to

Find free



Online and I

Had no luck

As always!

I thought I had

Let myself down

And that was end

Of my dreams coming

True for me. Until I sat

And thought about it for

A few days. Then  the

Realization hit me.

I said myself maybe I’m

Not meant for collage.

There’s a reason

For everything!

God has a calling

For everybody

And  you’ll find the

Right road

With the calling for

You when you’re

Suppose too


Maybe I’m

Hear to

Talk to people touch and

Inspire them

From doing

Bad things

Help them

Stay on  the

Right track

And accomplish

Great things! I

Think that’s what

People with disabilities

Are here to show everybody

There are better days and

Help make this world a more

Peaceful , better

And safer place.

Aug 27, 2006,

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