Yesterday’s rounds

my dairies

Yesterday’s rounds

Yesterday’s rounds

Were a lot like hell

If you ask me.

Woke up went

To town to

Purchase a


My leg

Had been

Hurting me

All night the


Had trouble

Getting to

Sleep  it felt

Like a seizure

Was going to attack me

In my sleep.

And my stomach

Felt swollen on the inside didn’t

Feel good at all. Just

Wanted to get my cam

And come home so

That’s exactly what

I done. come home

Had trouble

Setting up my webcam

Adjusting it the right way

So others could

See my face

I was flustered in

Every way. I finally

Got it set the right

Way the way I wanted

It to be. So that’s the end

Of my little story

Have a nice day.

Aug 27, 2006,

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