Happy birthday Daphne!


Happy birthday Daphne!

Happy birthday Daphne

You’re 31 years young

Today! Since I can’t

Bake you a cake and

I don’t have the money

To buy you anything.

I just to Take

a few minutes

To say a couple

Things. Despite

The differences

We’ve had in the

Past! You’ve the

One thing that I

Wish everybody

Had and that is a

Huge heart!

You just like helping

Others In every way

And bringing happiness

To others faces in your

Present. But  enough of

That happy birthday

Love your cousin Lory

Ps I know these

Words I wrote for

You sound corny.

But at least you know

I care about you

And I’m always here

For you!

Most of all

You know

That I was

Thinking of you

On your B day!


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