What am I going to with you daddy?

daddy's poems

What am I going to with you daddy?

What am I going to

Do with you and mom

daddy? You both seem

to be going down hill on

Me.  No child wants to see

their parents suffer with

Sickness and pain. I

Tried to get mom

To go to the doctor for

Forever and a day and

Get her something for

The pain her reaction

Was I can’t I have bills

To pay. And as for you

Well you say you

Have had the flu with a cough

that you Just can’t seem to

Shake. But I know if you’d

Quit smoking it would help

Your cough in a big way!

One of these days you’ll

Wished you’d listen to me

About all this stuff. I maybe

Be a young cat but I do

Know a thing or two

About what’s best for

The human body.

Oct 4th 2006,

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