Sorry you & your friend had a fallen out!

Sorry you & your friend had a fallen out!

I read your blog

And I’m sorry

You and best

Friends didn’t

See eye to eye

On everything

Like you’d hope

He would.

So you could put

The whole


Behind you and

All would be forgiven

But unfortunately that’s not

The way all fairy tales end.

I’m here whatever you need a

Friend and somebody to listen.

Hopefully this friend will come

  To realize we’re all human

And  none of us are perfect

our mistakes in life is what makes us


I know it might not

Seem like it now. But

If he doesn’t

Forever you

And call it truths

You don’t need him

As a friend

True friends

Are always willing to

Forgive and forget in the

End the bond and

Love of friendship

Always wins

7/4th 2006

To lacey

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for my friend lacey

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