Marcle baby Zoë

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Marcle baby Zoë

This is a story

Of a true Marcle

Sent down from


This woman

Has had lupus

Most of her


Was a newly

Wed  married

to love

Of her life!

They were

Starting their

Life’s journey


They had discuss

Having a family.

But her doctor

Told them the

Chances of

Her being a able

To carry a child full

Term was slim to none

Due to her on going battle

With lupus. Despite the

Odds they up against

They took a leap of faith

And god blessed them with

A baby anyway.

With her first sonogram

They told them the news

Their baby wasn’t growing

Like it’s suppose

Too. They

Were told the

Baby has a  1 and 5 %

Chance of survival.

They were given

The choice to abort

The pregnancy

But they refused

They said this little

Life she was carrying

Inside her was apart of both

Of them and a blessing

from god! So they were ask

They come to the hospital every other

Day. To make sure the baby’s

Heart was still beat. they already

Also had been told that when the

Baby was born it would more

Then likely be dead, or not

Live for more then a hour

After coming into this

World. At 26 weeks

Baby Zoë`

Came kicking her way into this

World! Smaller then a

Barbie with the

Odds still against

Her in every way.

She made and today

She’s 5 months weighs 8lbs

Perfectly healthy a true Marcle


Jul 5th 2006

This story of baby Zoë is

A true testament

That marcles

Do happen everyday

All over this world!

I hope the people

They read this poem/story

I wrote about baby Zoë journey into

This world will be as touched by her story

As I am!

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