The world through my eyes

The world through my eyes

some of my cousins I won’t their names

Has always saw me as poor sad Lory

It’s sad that she’ll never be able to care

Of herself.  In the past year

Or more I think they’re starting

To see the world through my eyes.

They  see it’s a struggle to get up

Everyday! When you have incurable

Disease like myself and their

Parents do unfortunately I think

They’re learning the facts of life

The hard way. By my nanny passing a little more then a year ago. and now their daddy is slowly dying everyday. I would  hope they’ll see nobody

Ever wants to be co dependant  on of love ones but we

Have to do the best we can with the cards

We’re dealt in our lives whether

We like them or not. still I bet they say this will

Never be me I’ll never be in this shape.

I hope that’s true lord knows I do

But we’re all going to get old that’s a fact

There’s no changing that. Most then

Likely we’re going to need our

Love ones  when we get old have a disability or incurable disease  I hope they come understand all we want to be is normal but we’ll

Never will be we’ll always be labeled

Jan 19th 2009

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