Mom's lectures

mom's poems

Mom?s lectures

Mom?s lectures

Drives me crazy

In more ways

Then I care

To say or


I understand

It gets annoying

Being around me 24/7

But trust I hope

She?s knows she?s

Not the one being


I understand

It?s a daily struggle

Just for her to get up

And go.

But what I don?t understand

Is why she has to lecture me

About stupid little that mean

Nothing? It?s just petty stuff

She brings up daily.

But what annoyed

Me then anything is

When she gets real

Aggravated at me

She?ll say mean  

And hurtful things

Like I feel

Sorry for your

Husband if you ever

Get married.

I know she don?t

Mean it in a mean

Way persay but it?s

Still rips at the


Hearing my

Own mother

Say those things.

May 30th 2006

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