The faucet pen and the hand

poetry challenges

The faucet pen and the hand

As I sit here at

My computer

Desk I look at

The picture that

Has been sent to me.

I open up the envelope

Not having any idea

What my two eyes

Was about to see?

I looked at the

Piece of cardboard

Carefully studying

Every inch of the

Picture. I thought

What is this picture

Trying to say to me?

Though it’s small

In size I think

The picture has

A powerful

Message in sight.

In this picture

I see god or

An angel’s hand

It’s hard to say whose

Hand it could be?

It’s too big to be

A human hand.

I’m thinking it’s

Angel’s hand

Reaching up for

The pen to save

Somebody from getting

Hit with a sharp point on

The end and wings on

Side of the heavy pen.

This picture is trying

To god and his angels

Are always around!

Angels will reach up

And save anyone

When we think nobody’s


This message teaches up all

To never stop believing!


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