I had about 7 seizures yesterday

I had about 7 seizures yesterday

I had 7 seizures yesterday

And when I think back on it

A seizure will probably end up killing

Me one day. It’s just a feeling

I have.  I try not to think about

It I try to just forget about it

And go about my day. But they seem to

Catch up with me somehow or someway.

I had 4 seizures the other day was

Sore as everything mom said they were hard

Seizures and they truly scared her. They scared me too

But I don’t allow  myself to think that way I just have the seizures and go on about day. I’m thinking if dr. mosses is able to get whoremoses  regulated they will forever go away. I can only hope they will any way we’ll just have to wait and see.


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