Ignore it

Ignore it

I know my mom

Loves me

With all her heart

That’s never been a

Question in my mind

About that being a

Fact.  I know

Her and my

Uncle has always been

Close. That’s what hurts

The most that he would

Say things about my weight

Knowing I’m his sister’s

Daughter in the first place.

Mom thinks I ask my best

Friends and my daddy

For advice because I want

Somebody to feel sorry

Me but that’s so not

The case my uncle

Is lucky I can’t walk

When he makes those

Comments about  my weight

Because I know I’d knock

Him to the ground and I hate being

That angry at anybody she seems more

Hurt that I told her I’ll never be able

To look at my uncle the same anymore

Or have the same respect

For him as I once did before

Because he’s made

These comments

Since I was 11

He’s the one

That’s changed

How I view him

As a person

Not me.

May 8th 2009

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