I still feel you around me!


I still feel you around me!

You’ll be gone

From earth a

Year in October

Which is so

Crazy to me

Cause even though

You’re no longer

Here in body

It seems so unreal to me

That you’re with god now!

I still wait for you to call

The house at least once

A day and hear you

And mom talk about

Your aches and pains

While going on and on

About how us kids is a pain

But you guys love us anyways!!

Even though we have been

And probably will always be a pain

But hey, nobody said having kids

Was going to a dream or anything.

I miss the funny pranks

You use to pull on

Others unexpectedly.

I miss hearing your

Voice. I miss how when

Mom and I got into arguments

You always to my side.

I’m so sorry I cried the

Day you lefted  us

I just couldn’t

Hold it in yes

I know I wasn’t  

Suppose to cry

I was suppose

To be happy because

It was a celebration

Of your life!  I was

Happy about a few things.

I know you’re no longer

Suffering and in pain you’re

Cured and the best

Part is I know

Your one of gods

Angels watching over me

Everyday!! I love you

and miss you badly

My nanny!!!!!!!!

April 15th 2008

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