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mom's poems

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1. she'll fly off the handle at me about meaningless things that means nothing to me.

  2.It seems likes she pushes me to the limit to see me  get angry just so she can argue with me.

3. And she says I don't respect anybody

4. But I respect anybody in this world that respects me back and that's a cold hard fact!

5.  She's happy one minute mad the next.

6. She says it's always about me never about nobody but me and that's not true I love her and my family!

7. I would die for my family but she doesn't believe me

8. She thinks everything I say about my family isn't true

9. I'm just saying I have to say to what I want? And my words don't come from my heart and not true!

10. I wish I could give my family everything it needs

It would be a dream come for me for me and mom not to argue anymore and go back to the way things use to be would be a dream come true for me!!


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