I’m different but a retard I’m not.

I’m different but a retard I’m not.

I laugh at how Some people

Act towards others with a

Disability. They act so

Insane like I have

An  incurable

Deadly disease

That they’re going

To catch just from looking

At me or walking pass me

Which is just crazy.

I admit  being disabled

Sucks in every way.

Especially when you

See others get up so

Easy everyday and

You think to yourself

Why isn’t standing that

Easy for me?  Yes I was

Created differently but I

Have  the same feelings and emotions

As we all do. I know

Some people assume

People like me are just

Here and we don’t know

Anything. As they like to say

We’re retards. I wouldn’t

Never wish my disability on

Anybody. I figure I have one of 2

Choices make the best of the life

I have or be depressed everyday!

The real retards are

Those that

Assume we’re not

Educated you need

To remember in heaven

We’re all the same!

The people that truly

Take the time to get

To know us seems to love

Us! may 5 2008

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