Like never before

Like never before

My knees and shoulders

Have been hurting me

For the past week

And a half with

A Constant pain

Like I’ve had never


I’ve been keeping

My legs propped

Up on a stool

That helps some

But it doesn’t take

The Pain completely

Away like I wish it

Would be.

There’s always these

Constant sharp shooting

Pains going through my

Knees or shoulders

Whatever hurting me

At the time.

I’ve been sleeping

With a heating pad

On my knees at night.

I told mom if this pain

Doesn’t end soon I’ll

Be going to see my

Doctor. I told her

I just hope he doesn’t

have to stick a needle

in my knees or anything.

But if I do have to go to

The doctor I just hope he can

Find out what’s with me

So he can end this cycle

Of pain for me


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my knees and shoudlers hurting me

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