I think about it a lot a lot.

I think about it a lot a lot.

This morning my mom ask

My uncle to put it bed he said ok

I thought that would be the end

Of the whole thing. Have you

Thought about what you’re going to

Do when your mom can’t lift you anymore?

I said I don’t know we just take it

Day by day I never think of tomorrow

Because I know it might never come

As far as that goes.  He’s like if your

Dad knows this why hasn’t he done

Something to help your mom out in

Some way? He kept on and on

I said don’t you know I

Think about that everyday

What’s it going to be like

For me when mom and daddy

Are no longer here.  

He’s like what’s the plan

I said I don’t know I said

That’s nothing to you any

Way. And I said some words

I shouldn’t have said I know that

And I admit it I thought to myself

Doesn’t  everybody know I

I feel guilty a lot for

Putting my parents in this

Situation in the first

Place?  Why does everybody

Have to remind me?

I love my parents with all

My heart but some

People in this  family are leading

To believe me coming into this

Family Was a mistake.

Nov 12th 2008

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