Happy birthday Daphne!

Happy birthday Daphne!

I know I pick at you

a lot about silly

things. But it’s only

Because I love you

If I didn’t like you or

Love you I wouldn’t

Have nothing to do

With you. I think you’re

Are a true testament

That god brings out the

Best in everybody! You

Might have done some bad

Things in you’re past but

Trust me we all have our own demons

We face everyday! God can pull

You from the darken days and take

You down that heavenly highway

To the golden gates where he’ll

Walk hand and hand with you and his angels

To help guide you through the hard

Days. So your life will be filled with

Nothing but beautiful blessed days

For the rest of your days on this earth

Happy birthday Daphne

I love you

Aug 1st 2007,

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