Solution to the problem

Solution to the problem

For those

Of you that

Know me real

Well know I have

Seizures I’ve had them since

I was 11 years old!

I went to 2 or 3 different

Doctors let them run

All kind of test on

Me and none of them

Could find anything

Wrong with me. Just made

Me take a bunch of different meds

That hurt my body more then

They did help me.

Last night I decided to

Surf the epilepsy site

And I found out

What causes my seizures

Along with why I have them.

Of course it’s because of my

Monthly cycle just as I have been

Saying this whole time.

I have a certain kind of

Epilepsy that can be trickier by the

Fact that I have cp I cried for

About 20 minutes and I said to myself

Lory you can thank Tammy (my birth mom)

For the fact you have seizure as well


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