Happy birthday Joey!


Happy birthday Joey!

Happy birthday Joey!

Even though you

Probably was

Never going

To tell me about

You having a birthday!

And I still don't exactly know

When your birthday was?

Happy late birthday!

And I know every year from

Here on out you?ll

Probably say I?m 29

And holding I?m not

Having anymore


But think of it

Like this


Year that

Passes you by

Is another year

You?re still alive!

And as we all age

With time we live

And learn to experience

New things

And could have

A dramatic effect

You and your life and how

You view the

World outside.

So with all

My love hugs,

And kisses I?m

Wishing happy 29th


  May your life

Always be blessed

from the heavens above!

April 15th 2006

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