We all hate to see you go!

poetry challenges

We all hate to see you go!

We all hate to see you go

Because we love

You to the depths

Of our souls.

It make our eyes fill with tears

to know that

You’re about to in

Bark on a dangerous

Journey for a year

Of your life. We

Know going to

Iraq won’t be

Easy leaving

Your 3 kids

And wife

Behind it can’t

Be easy for anybody, to

Say goodbye to their

Love ones for any length

Of time. Look at sky anytime

When You get to missing home

Send us a message through the

Sky and it’ll be written in the

Clouds at night and we’ll see

All your messages as we look

To the sky every night as we pray

For you and so many others, God and his angels are watching over you all! And in hopes you all will return home safe!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

somebody ask to write this poem for somebody named frank because he's about to be sent to irag

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