I told you so 1

mom's poems

I told you so

I told you so

I told you

Daddy?s check

Would come

on the day it was

suppose too.

But you didn?t

Want to listen

To me or

Anything I had

To say as always

It?s like you you

Think you know

Everything about

About everybody

At times.

You said well if he don?t

Send me my money I?ll just

Call my lawyer then I bet I get

His money and a few days later

My daddy?s check on the date

It?s suppose to be here. I ask

You now what you had to say?

You knew I knew he would

Send it to me but I?m just

Use to getting it early.

Sept 3rd 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i told mom daddy would send her his check

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