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What to say?

I don’t know where

To start.  I love being

Your friend and I feel truly

Honored and blessed to have you

As a best friends good friends are

Hard to come these days. This is one

Of the hardest things I’ve ever had to say.

I’m putting my heart out there for you

I know it might be too late but that’s

A risk I’m willing to take.

I’m still in love with you i think

About you almost every minute of

Everyday! I’ll admit I’ve tried every

Way in this world to turn my feelings

Off for you but for some reason

You just won’t go away. I totally

Understand why you wanted to end

Things with us and rebuild our

Friendship and things. I agree

We did move fast on our ride

Around the track. I’m glad we’re

Starting fresh with new memories

And new days! I know you

Said you didn’t want me to wait for you

Because this could be a long journey

For you with your mom. i

Don’t want you to wait for  me

Either! If you meet somebody I’ll

Be happy for you and you’ll forever

Have my blessings! Right now

I feel like you & I are like

Unfinished book that won’t

Be compete unless I read it till

The end once you get a chance

To visit and we have a chance

To talk face to face I’ll know how

the book ends. But until them I’ll

Read each other word slowly and

Patiently. There’s one thing I know

For sure you’ll have a have a special

Place in my heart! I’ll always love you

And you’ll always be one of my best

Friends! No matter how bad it might seem I

Want to kill you some days

Feb 20th 2008

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