A pleading prayer.

poems about god

A pleading prayer.

Hello god

Here we are

Again. I Ask you to give us

The power and strength to

Deal with the outcome

Of what will happen

In my aunt’s life.

We all ask you

As her family

And your children

To give my nanny the

Almighty power to heal her

So she will be here for her

Siblings, her kids, when they

Need her advice about life,

So she can watch her grandchildren

Graduate from high school and collage,

And go off to accomplish great things in

The world! I only ask this of you if it be your

Will for nanny to be here with us. Of course

I’ll understand if you’ve bigger plans for her.

If you feel it will soon be her time to enter the

Golden gates to be with you and your angels

We’ll let her go gracefully even though it’ll

Be more painful then I could put into words

If she were to go and be with you help

Us deal with the loss of loosing her

If that were to happen. But no matter what

Happens I know it’ll be a blessing and lesson

Hidden underneath it all thanks for always listening

In your name I pray amen

Aug 30th 2007

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