The hardest I’ve ever had to do!

The hardest I’ve ever had to do!

When I met you

On the net I

Told myself

You wouldn’t talk

To me more then 5

Days because

Nearly everybody

I talk too in chat

Runs away after

A few minutes or within

A few days. When things

With your girlfriend

Didn’t work out I was

Sad for you that something

Like that could happen to

Good man like you.

When you ask me

To come visit you

I was excited

To meet you

Because I knew

From talking to you

All this time you

Understand what

It’s like to be in a

Wheelchair in a

Way not many others can.

Then when we kissed

And later we talked

About dating. I

Told you we’d never

Be able too most likely

No matter how much we

Want too!  If things

Were different I know

We’d probably be

Together for years to come!

I want you to

Know saying to us

Dating was one of the

Hardest things I’ve ever

Had to do! You mean

The world to me and I’ll

Be here for you whenever

You need me!

I love you!

Oct 24th 2008

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