Who would say that to a child?

Who would do that to a child

One of my cousin I won’t

Say whom but it’s the one

I’ve never liked her because

Of her ways and saying hurting

Things to others without

Regard to their

Feelings, I had went

To visit my aunt

For the weekend.

My cousin was

There went her

Daughter and

Husband. Her

Daughter did something

She said I told Lexie if you

Don’t start behaving I’m going

To give you away to

Somebody else.

Who is there right

Mind would say

Something like to

A 6 year child?

Everybody knows

Kids are going to

Be stubborn. She must just be a

Cold heartless person who never

Stops to think how her words will effect others

I guess that’s why we’ll never get along

At least I have a heart I have a passion

To put others before myself unlike her

Oct 3rd 2007

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