Mom says she understands but does she really?

mom's poems

Mom says she understands but does she really?

Mom says

She understands

But does she really?

She says knows me

Better then anybody

In this world.

But to be honest

With you I think

That line she

Says is farthest

Thing from

The truth.

She tells me all

The time I have it

Made and she

Wishes she had

My life and I had

Hers. My

Life is not all

That great I sit here

Day after day and stare at these 4

Walls either reading, watching

Tv,  playing with scampers,

Or just trying to come up ideas

To write poetry. It’s not like I can just

Go out easy and she harps at me about money.

And I already know she has bills to pay.

The question is why? Does she  have tell me everyday?

March 5th 2006

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