How I spell good morning!


How I spell good morning!

G god thank you for letting me

Live another day.

Observe, listen and respects

Others feelings around you.

Obtain a good outlook on life try to

Learn a lesson with every difficult time

That comes in one’s life.

Determined never loose faith in yourself

Or loose sight of your dreams or what

You inspire to be no matter how old we

Get we can be whatever we wish to be

Make the most of everyday

Because you never know when it might

Be your last.

Optimism try to see to good in everybody

And everything.

ready be ready for

Anything or anybody that

Might walk into your life.

Your life change in an instant.

Try to think less navigate about

The bad things and focus more on the

Good. Inspire try to inspire others with your words

And thoughts to change them for the better.

Noble stay and true to yourself

And what you stand for a person.

Gracious be gracious

To others and you shall rewarded for it.

Aug 22nd 2007

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