Stupid seizures came back for a visit.

Stupid seizures came back for a visit.

Just when I thought it

Was safe not to worry

About a seizure paying

Me a visit anymore for

Awhile 2 came sneaking

Up on me and here we go

Again! Now that the

Seizures are pretty

Much over I still

Feel as though

Their might one

In the background

Hiding waiting for a

Chance to break free!

I hope it won’t

Make my body give

In. I just want my leg

To stop bothering

Me have a good night’s

Sleep in lord’s knows

When! I’m afraid to

Go to sleep when

It feels like a seizure

Is coming my way.

I don’t want to have

One in my sleep

And it take over

My body if I fell asleep

And had one I wouldn’t

Know to fight to do my best

To win in the end!!


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