It seems like our turn will never come.

shawn's poems

It seems like our turn will never come.

As I read my brother shawn’s poem

He wrote early yesterday

Morning I can relate to

Every word he wrote

So much! We try so

Hard to be nice to

Everybody and lend

A hand to others in their

Time of need. Yet others

Always seems to judge

Us when a lot of those

Who judge us day in and day out

Haven’t really took the

Time to get to know who we

Really are inside. They act

As if we’re contemplated or

Something when all

We really want is for others

To understand and not

Make up feel worthless

Like we’re nobody

We would like to

Know we could trust

The people we try

And have friendships and

relationships with without

Being afraid they will rip

Our hearts time and time

Again. But most of all we

Want to find that special someone that we know we are meant to be with

And bring us the

Happiness and

Blessings we have

Always longed to

Find with that special


Feb 7th 2007

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