In your face

In you face

When I think Back on the

Time when were talking

I don’t know Why I ever liked

You for you just wanted

My cookies and when I wouldn’t

Give them to you, you were in a

Hurry to get out my door. It was

Okay for you to do what you wanted

With others girls but you didn’t

Me talking to any other guys.

When I confronted you about

Your actions you called me

Every name under the sun

And not in so many  Words said that

No guy would ever Want to date me


Somebody very close

To my heart wants

To date me but I don’t know

Of we’ll ever call ourselves

A couple but I hope so

No matter what happen

Between us though he’ll forever

Be apart of my soul

He truly does love me

With all his heart and soul!!!

Every time we talk no matter

How we talk he makes me feels

Special in every way and like I’m worth

The effort in every way every day!!

So all I have to say is in your face!!!

S o thanks for running away so

Quickly if you hadn’t I might

Never have another best friend

And my possible dream man!

Dec 5th 2008,

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