The truth hurts

The truth hurts

Everybody thought I was being mean and hateful at times when I acted like all I cared about my was

My friends when they were around but that’s only because some of my cousins act very two

Faced so to speak  which annoys me greatly.  Mom

Refused to see everything  I was telling her until we

Went to visit at their  fancy new house

and play dirty Santa before we even left

There my cousin mom

Was calling us telling I

Couldn’t bring my electric

Wheelchair because it might ruin their floors. which

I thought was very rude of them

To say to me as much as I always

Took up for my cousin and respected

Him. Then they told everybody

To take off their shoes inside

Their house. Mom said

I thought what are you trying

To say? You’re better them me!

I can tell that remark hurt

More then anybody will

Probably ever know and

I can tell it hurts her more

That they haven’t called

Since our visit I so wanted to be wrong about this

But I doubt I am  I feel if they really cared about us

None of that stuff would’ve mattered

As long as we were with them!

Jan 13th 2009,

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