Oh, Hell

 ~Oh, Hell~


When Paula died and went to hell she didn't know it, and since none of the people she met there

knew where they were either, there was no one to tell her.  Paula had an apartment and a job

and plenty to eat even though she never really felt hungry. She had an alarm clock that woke her up in the mornings

and a TV she fell asleep watching in the evenings. She didn't have a pet. She didn't know anyone there that did.


After a few years went by Paula began to feel like her life was pointless and a bore, so one day she decided

to end it. She rented a storage shed with a roll-up door and drove her small car into it after filling the tank with gas. 

She pulled the door down, sat in her car in the darkness, then put the seat back and reclined comfortably 

as she closed her eyes and went to sleep dreaming about nothing.


When Paula awoke she was disappointed to find she was still alive. The car was no longer running. She looked

at the gas gauge and saw it was on empty. When she left the storage shed and entered daylight she wondered

how long she had been asleep. She knew it was June first when she drove into the shed, so she looked around for something

with the date on it. Her watch said it was June third. 


"I should be dead." thought Paula. 




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