Lament of a Dog Gone

Lament Of A Dog Gone

The rain fell hard, the wind blew fast

The moon had hid from view

And still she howled up on the hill

Where she had last seen you

She stayed up there# on top of hill

Since the day you went to war

She stayed through suno she stayed through rain

Her health had grown so poor

She would not eatp nor would she sleep

But wait for your return

Until about three weeks ago

I had not seen of her

Then she came home, she did not moan

But lay beside your rocking chair

She seemed at ease, she had found peace

She seemed content to wait

She seemed to know the day would come

The day of your return

Two weeks ago I got a note

I knew before I read

No day would come when you'd return

I knew son, you were dead

As I read I moaned a moan, the dog looked up at me

She's gone now son, I guess she must have known

Because that night as I lay in bed

I could hear her mournfull cry

It seemed to echo just like words

Saying, "Why did master die"

The rain came down, the wind it blew

I heard her crying son

For you

One morning I went out to see

If she would come to eat

I found her son, on top of hill

With your old hat down at her feet

She lay there son, she did not move

So thint so sick, so lonely

I picked her up, I brought her home

I made a wooden box

I buried her sont up on the hill

So she can wait for you

And now on nights, when the wind does blow

And the moon is hid from sight

I can hear the echoes of her cries

She will not leave her plight

I know now son, the love she felt

For one so dear as you

She'll rest no more on the hill my son

Till dark of night is through

She'll rest no more on the hill my son

Untill peace has come to you

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