a sniper's motto

Undercover of the night
He lay there in the silence of his mind
The world outside blocked out
As he concentrated on his 4x40, scope
The wind blew around him
Kicking up the dust
But his mind stayed focus
Even though his vision blared 
The grains of sand did
Sting his eyes, but still he remained alert
A sniper’s duty; Is to kill
With one shot precisely placed
Just a few precious seconds
Is literally all he’s got
He will never fire in haste
So gun in hand lying in the sand
He waits Sometimes for hours, sometimes for days
But he will wait no matter however long it takes
The target come’s into sight
A few hundred yards away
Now It’s time; to set his sights
Adjusting to the play of day
Rifle butt now pressed nice and tight
Up against his shoulder angled just right
Adjusting slightly for the wind
And curvature of the bullet
He slowly squeezes the trigger, holding his breath
Steadying his shot, firing on his target
The gun bucks just for a second
As the bullet leaves the barrel
A crack of thunder a flash of light
As the muzzle, flash lights up the night
The bullet flies angled just right
Entering the insurgents head;
Leaving through the back
In a mist of red
Ripping through muscle,
Tearing through flesh
As his brains are blown
Through the back of his head
His body now lies on the floor
As he takes his last dying breath
Blood running down the cobbled road
From the wound inflicted in his head
And as the sniper lay
There in the still of night
He whispers under his breath
One shot one kill is the sniper's motto
Now the bastard’s dead.

© jeffrey overton. All rights reserved , a day ago

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